3 điều bạn có thể làm trong Elite Dangerous trên Xbox One

Season Elite Dangerous Horizons has brought a lot of new features to the game such as allowing pilots to explore, loot and fight on the surfaces of planets in the galaxy. And this is the first time players have the opportunity to experience this season for free. So don’t miss these 3 things you can do in >Elite Dangerous on Xbox One.

Today is a very special day. For the first time, owners of Elite Dangerous on Xbox One can experience Horizons content for free. This brings together hundreds of thousands of Commanders who are on a mission to explore the galaxy, so the developer wanted to take the opportunity to share with all players 3 incredibly cool things you can do while exploring the Strip. The Milky Way in Elite Dangerous.

Experience 3 new extremely interesting features in Elite Dangerous right away

1. Landing, retracting wings and moving with wheels

The ability to reach the moon and alien worlds at a closer distance makes for a magical experience in Elite Dangerous, but for now imagine that you could land on those planets and move around in my Surface Recon Vehicle (SRV). Players can explore countless locations scattered around the galaxy, from the planet Guardian to Thargoid with almost limitless possibilities.

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2. Prepare and be ready for anything

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The galaxy can be a dangerous place in the 34th century, and even if you’re a talented pilot, you might still need help. Horizons allows players to purchase engineer services. Collect materials as you travel through the galaxy and visit engineers to craft unique weapons and modules to upgrade your ship and abilities. If you’re lucky enough to discover an ancient Guardian structure, you might even run into a tech broker. Heard that the Guardians have a few secrets that can give you an edge in exploration or combat.

3. Team up with friends

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In Horizons, you can team up with friends with the Multicrew feature (which allows players to act as crew members on each other’s ships), or if you want to travel solo, you can hire pilots. adept at the nearest star port (Starport). These crew members can be in charge of manning turrets or fighters, giving you an added edge in combat.

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These are just a few hints for new Commanders exploring Horizons for the first time. Commanders who have purchased Horizons in advance will receive an exclusive gift as a thank you for your support of the game.

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