LMHT: Tại sao những người chơi Zeri lại ưa chuộng Rìu Đại Mãng Xà?

This is the reason why the Zeri mains in League of Legends love the trio of equipment with the Three Hop Sword, the Runaan’s Rage, and the Great Snake Ax.


Zeri is the AD carry champion who opened the new season of League of Legends in 2022. With her impressive mobility and ability to deal damage over time, this girl is very popular with bot lane players.

At the present time, the 3 main items used by the Zeri mains are the Axes of the Great Snake, the Tam Hop Sword and the Rage of Runaan. So why does Zeri have such a weird item and what effect does it have in combat, let’s find out with us!

First is Three Hop Sword, with the ability to deal both magic and physical damage as well as high mobility, this equipment proves to be extremely suitable for Zeri if you know how to take advantage.

Zeri players usually choose Water Sword make the first item after Doran Sword because it combines so well with Q . move (which is the main damage skill).

League of Legends: Why do Zeri players love the Great Serpent Ax? 107316

Next, go up one Tiamat . Ax then let it be and done Runaan’s Madness before. The 2 projectiles from the mad bow have an on-hit effect, which means it pairs well with Zeri’s ultimate.

Every time the ultimate Power Peak is turned on, Zeri will gain 2% attack speed per attack. When she completes both Great Serpent Ax and Rage Bow, she can increase up to 30% attack speed each attack in case of hitting all 5 people on the opponent’s side.

Zeri can also make good use of the Serpent Ax for extra lifesteal
Zeri can also make good use of the Serpent Ax for extra lifesteal

Of course, you can replace the Great Serpent Ax with the Serpent Ax for lifesteal, but the effect of the Great Serpent Ax gives the attack area Wider along with the amount of health is something that Zeri also desperately needs. Therefore, this build is used a lot by the Zeri mains at the moment.


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