SofM có MVP đầu tiên tại LPL Mùa Xuân 2022, WBG ngược dòng đánh bại V5

Victory Five is no longer an easy opponent to bully like last season. With the appearance of Karsa, Rookie and Rich, V5 has gone through 4 wins in 4 matches at LPL Spring 2022. With a Weibo Gaming that is not yet stable in gameplay, many fans have thought of a game. The result was not favorable for SofM and his teammates today.

Game 1

Ban select WBG vs V5 game 1

V5 quickly dominated the top half of the map when Rich solo killed TheShy for the first victory, and Karsa’s Xin Zhao continuously had effective roams to bring V5 kills. . WBG’s only hope was on the bottom of the map, when huanfeng showed a superiority against Photic.

Although WBG still maintained a balanced amount of money compared to the opponent, WBG completely failed to control the Dragon’s cave area and let V5 get the Soul of the Water Dragon, giving them absolute advantage in teamfights. due to its great resilience. They ended the game in the 35th minute of the game, and WBG had to admit defeat in game 1 for the first time in the 2022 LPL Spring Split.

Game 2

Ban choose WBG vs V5 game 2

WBG suddenly changed the gameplay in game 2, when TheShy took on the role of tanker and started the fight, while SofM was returned to the carry position. This change changed the game completely, SofM with Viego continuously helped WBG win the fight. Most of WBG’s kills have the jungler’s mark.

WBG ran the game perfectly, from map control to teamfights. In the 23rd minute of the match, V5 was determined to prevent WBG from getting the 4th Dragon of the game, but SofM opened an excellent green to defeat ADC Photic, and the rest of V5 also quickly fell. by Zoe in the hands of Angel and Xayah of huanfeng. Wiped out the enemy squad, WBG easily got Fire Dragon Soul and Baron buff, ending all efforts of V5.

Game 3

Ban select WBG vs V5 game 3

Karsa continued to sacrifice all of his resources to cover 3 lanes, however, V5’s players, especially in the 2 wings, could only exert pressure in the early game, but completely lacked in communication. painting. TheShy’s Sion has done too well the role of opening combat and attracting damage, enabling WBG’s mainstays huanfeng, Angel and SofM to comfortably discharge damage.

With an overwhelming display, WBG won easily in game 3 to complete the comeback against V5, the team that performed extremely impressively with an undefeated record in the first 2 weeks of the LPL. Spring 2022. WBG’s MVP title today belongs to SofM with a perfect performance in 2 games where SofM was returned to his familiar carry position.

SofM got 2 MVPs with perfect performance in game 2 and game 3

The victory over V5 helps WBG rise to 4th place on the LPL Spring 2022 rankings. Along with SofM’s return to their destructive form, this is an extremely encouraging sign for WBG before they have to. facing bigger opponents like EDG, RNG or LNG in the upcoming rounds.

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